Flesh and Spirit

21ST Volume VI, an international survey titled Flesh and Spirit, combines the images of some of the finest contemporary Belgian, Chinese, English, French, Greek, Mexican, Spanish, and American photographers with the writings of what is probably the finest selection of novelists, playwrights, poets and historians ever assembled between two covers. The book is a celebration of the things of the earth, the things of the heaven, and their elegant intersection in the mind's eye.

Trade Edition: Printed in offset, the soft-bound Trade Edition includes all of the writing and the 60 images found in the above Volumes. Edition of 1000 copies.

Deluxe Edition: sold out
The signed and numbered Deluxe Edition includes 10 hand-pulled photogravures, 6 full-color planographs and 44 additional color plates. It is hand bound in Japanese silk and encased in a custom box. Edition limited to 125 numbered copies

Museum Edition of 55 copies: sold out

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Artists included in this book: Jayne Hinds Bidaut, Flor Garduno, Brigitte Carnochan, Robert Stivers, Don Hong Oai, Toni Catany, Wouter Deruytter, S.J. Staniski, Carol Munder, Ariane Lopez-Huici, Dimitris Yeros, Greg Gorman, Jerry Spagnoli, Christopher Bucklow, Philip Trager.

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