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Photogravures: Images in tri-tone by John Dugdale, Dan Estabrook, Frederick Weber, Irving Pobboravsky, Jerry Spagnoli, Grant Romer, Kenneth Nelson, Eduardo Gil, Adriana Lestido, Marcos Zimmermann, Gabriel Valansi, Fernando Guti�rrez, Gary Bacon, John Lofaso, Sandy Skoglund, Michael Kenna, Jock Sturges, Keith Carter, Luis Gonz�lez Palma, Bernard Faucon, John Metoyer, Mark Klett, Holly Wright, and Patrick Bailly-Ma�tre-Grand.  

Trade Edition: An elegant Trade Edition is also available, hardbound in German Iris fabric and illustrated with 47 meticulously printed tritone plates. Limited to 4500 copies. Illustrated throughout with tritone plates. Book design by Paul McMenamin.
Book dimensions: 11 x 13 inches

Deluxe Edition: sold out
The oversized, signed and numbered Deluxe Edition includes 15 exquisite hand-pulled photogravures, 1 original woodcut by Leonard Baskin and 32 tritone plates, all custom bound in Moroccan goatskin and embossed Japanese silk, and encased in a matching embossed basswood portfolio box. This Edition limited to 235 signed and numbered copies with 15 bound hand-pulled photogravures. 
Book dimensions: 13 x 15 inches

Museum Edition of 50 copies: sold out

To order: please contact us

 Steven Albahari Jock Sturges Sandy
                      Skoglund Mark Klett

Contributors: Ann Beattie, Robert Olen Butler, A.D. Coleman, Dana Gioia, Thomas W. Southall, John Stauffer, John Stilgoe, Anne W. Tucker, Richard Wilbur, John Wood, and many others.

And Poetry by Richard Wilbur, R. S. Thomas, Morri Creech, Kevin Meaux, and Ra�l Peschiera; Fiction by Robert Olen Butler and Amy Fleury; a Conversation between Ann Beattie and Holly Wright; a Discovery essay on Gary Bacon and John Lofaso, two brilliant new photographers in their first national publication; as well as short prose by Leonard Baskin and Duane Michals. 

                    Bailly-Maitre-Grand     Duane Michals  Ernestine Ruben
John Metoyer Willie
                      Middlebrook Olivia Parker Leonard


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