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Conceived for the discerning and thoughtful collector in search of richly diverse imagery, editorial insight and long-term value, 21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography is without parallel.

Each volume is both an object of exquisite beauty and an extremely prudent fine art investment. It is a visually and intellectually stimulating journal that has itself become a work of art, a truly breathtaking example of publishing history in the making.

21st features stunning hand-pulled photogravure images from many of the world�s most highly respected contemporary photographers. These radiant images combine with potent criticism and prose from internationally acclaimed writers and poets to form the most sophisticated and luxurious journal of the arts ever created.

Not since Alfred Stieglitz�s Camera Work has there been such attention to beauty, such incisive criticism, and such an articulate melding of visual and literary points of view. In the end, 21st promises to stand alone as a unique archive of cultural communication and striking visual elegance, serving as the standard to which all subsequent limited edition publications for connoisseurs and collectors will be compared.

Olivia Parker

Adam Fuss

Tom Baril


What the Critiques are Saying...


"One of the most striking debuts of the fall season. . . . a prized collector�s item."

�American Photo Magazine


"21st intends to lead the way in the presentation and discussion (and collecting) of fine art photography. It certainly succeeds in matching the aesthetics of Camera Work. . . ."

�The Wall Street Journal

"[A] pageant of imagery. . . . a virtual photography museum bound between two covers."

�Photographic Magazine


". . .lush photogravure images make this fine volume a work of art in itself. . . . The rich, tactile reading experience imparts importance to the critical essays, prose and verse . . . it will appeal to collectors, artists (not just photographers), writers and other admirers of discourse on contemporary art."

�Art & Antiques Magazine

". . . two drop-dead gorgeous volumes. . . . richly flavored, distinctive . . . best savored with a glass or two of robust wine or fine cognac."

�Photography in New York


"Anyone who�s come across a copy of Alfred Stieglitz�s Camera Work at a rare-book store or gallery will understand why it might make sense to pay $9,000 for a copy of 21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography. . . . there�s no better survey of the scene..."

�Vogue Magazine

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